Fashionable and 100% Excellent Quality- Face Mask at ClassyYou

    1. Premium and an excellent quality facemask against coronavirus and covid-19.
    2. Efficient protective gear against coronavirus as well as protection against dust, allergens, contaminants and unhealthy viruses nearby.
    3. A carefully sewn 2 to 3 layered facemask, 100% durable and washable.
    4. Light to use and inspired with various custom made designs and of different colors to suit everyday styling.
    5. Unisex and because it’s lightweight – it’s perfect for any weather.
    6. These antiviral facemask are 100% in accordance to the most recommended guidelines for making or buying a modest face mask.
    7. These are made of pure lightweight cotton, snug, comfortable on the face with secured ear straps and bows so you can breathe without restrictions and wash without damage or deformation.
    8. Perfect for public places and indoor-face masks.
    9. A high end outdoor protective face masks.
    10. A wide range of surgical, disposable and breathable skin-friendly cotton masks are also available.
    11. Lightweight and multilayered for supreme satisfaction and protection.

All our items have a delivery time of 1-3 days through our flat rate shipping of 39Kr. all over Denmark. With the aim to bring you a much better  and pleasant online shopping experience with us, we offer FREE SHIPMENT for your every purchased amounting from 499 Kr. and up.

We care and highly value our beloved customers. Therefore we want you to be safe and feel safe all the time especially in this corona pandemic. Here at ClassyYou, we offer free ISO Certified and Guaranteed Protection Surgical Facemask or our Premium Quality Protection Cloth Facemask for every purchased with a total amount of 300 DKK and up.

We aim to deliver the best service we possibly can. Contact us for further assistance if needed.

Please note:

If you would like to suddenly cancel your order after checkout please contact us to ask if this is possible.
If the order has not been processed for shipment, then we will be able to cancel it for you.
Otherwise, if it is already processed, then you must return that package back yourself in order to receive a refund for the order.