Camouflage Print Cotton Facemasks

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How to put the face mask:

  • Always clean hands with good quality soap or sanitizer before touching or handling the mask.
  • Remove mask from packaging, secure the mask by ear loops so that the nose bridge face upwards. White side should be facing towards the face and attempt should be made to not touch that area of the mask.
  • Completely cover the mouth, nose and jaw with mask and loops around the ears.
  • The mask should be a snug fit not too tight and too loose at this point the face mask should be adjusted likewise.
  • Face mask should cover the nose, mouth and chin at all times during the use.
  • Like any other string the ear loops are recommended to stay away from hanging around the neck area for possible danger of entanglement or accidental choking.
  • This corona protection face mask if in use of a child should only be given to him/her after proper education of use and caution. Best the kid is under supervision at all times during the period of use.

How to remove the face mask:

  • Always clean hands with good quality soap or sanitizer before touching or handling the mask.
  • Avoid touching the main parts of face mask due to danger of containment or exposure to viruses. Only handle the face mask with ear loops.
  • Lift the mask through both ear loops gently and remove from the face.
  • In case of using a disposable face mask, always dispose it according to requirements of health care agency/hospital/doctors or environmental protection department.
  • Cleanse hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • This antiviral face mask product should be stored in a dry rea corrosive gas free, well ventilated and clean environment.


Product Details:

  • Flexible Ear Loops
  • High Quality
  • Fabric: 97% Cotton 3% Elastic
  • Made In Italy

Camouflage Print Cotton Facemasks is lightweight and breathable soft cotton. It has an added multiple layers for both indoor and outdoor protection. The camouflage print cotton facemasks have a fit to the face design. It’s also super fashionable and trendy and can also be inserted a one time use filter if needed.

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