Cute Stroller Candles for Baptism Favors

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Product Details:

  • Pillar Wax
  • Fragrance Oil
  • ECO-wick
  • Cute Stroller Candles
  • Bekro Chips Candle Dye
  • 1 candle weighs 23g

Cute Stroller Candles for Baptism Favors (23g) with cute packaging details. It comes with personalized hang tags, package option of cute box or organza pouch and a candle lighting warning labels.
The Favors can be bought as a package of 30pcs + a free 1 medium size Personalized Pillar Candle or as a single piece (see options).
You can buy the Favors scented or unscented (see scent option).
Primary colors:
(See option)

(Please be advise that we need at least 2 weeks to complete a package order of 30pcs.or more. However, single piece order takes shorter time) This item is a Pre-Order.

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Package (30pcs + 1 Block Candle) in Cute Box, Package (30pcs + 1 Block Candle) in Organza Pouch, Single Piece ( 1 ) in Cute Box, Single Piece ( 1 ) in Organza Pouch


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